Cuddly Toy Day 01

Last Friday we had a Cuddly Toy Day.  One cuddly toy was really big and one was really small. There were lots of dogs and lots of cats. We did Circle Time with the cuddly toys. Each person had to tell their partner about their cuddly toy. Then we went back into the circle and told everybody about their partner’s cuddly toy. We took photographs of all the cuddly toys everybody brought in. Then we took photos of each person with their own cuddly toy.

Cuddly Toy Day 02

We did some more work and then we had Golden Time with our cuddly toys. For Golden Time we had PE with the cuddly toys. At the end the cuddly toys were in a pile. We had to find our own cuddly toy and run back to the line. When we went back to class, we wrote about our cuddly toys. We glued the photos that we took with our cuddly toy on our story. We enjoyed Circle Time.

By Ben, Luke, Marc, Jacob (Rang I)

Spring Lunes 01

On Tuesday a few weeks ago we made Flickr Lunes on our iPods. There were seven Spring animals that we had to choose from. Mr. Quinn numvered them and gave each of us a number. The animals were piglets, chicks, goslings, lambs, calves, cygnets and foals. A Flickr Lune is a three line poem. The firts line has three words, the sencond line has five words and the third line has three words. We really enjoyed doing this.

By Caoimhe B and Lola.

Spring Lunes 02

Fairy Tale Books

We made Fairy Tale books. We designed the cover of the book. We had to finish off the stories. We did decorative borders on the pages. There was a story about an elephant that lost a piece of his trunk and he was very fat. There was a story about a boy who drank his orange juice and then he turned invisible. There was another story about a boy who woke up one morning and found twelve elves around his bed. At the end you could add in your own story and draw your own picture. We put all the books on display in the corridor. Everyone thought they were brilliant.

By Stephen G and Aidan D.


We started a Twitter Project called #2011Hope. We each wrote our hopes and dreams with classes in Ireland as well as two classes in Indiana in USA. Someone’s comment of our project was for everyone to have a nice year. Everyone wrote one at home for homework. Then we typed what we did for homework onto the computer at school. It was great fun to do a Twitter Project.

By Darragh and Maeve (Rang III)

Mind Maps

Every Tuesday and Wednesday we do English with Mrs. Timoney and Mr. Quinn. Last week we did Mind Maps. A mind Map is a story that you draw and write Who? What Happened? Where? How it Ends? What’s the problem? and How to solve the Problem? You also have to awrite a theme in the middle. It really helps you to think more. The themes we already did are “The Hungry Fox” and “The Hidden Treasure”.

By Eimear and Aidan K (RangII)

Story Mind Maps

We do brainstorming every Tuesday and Wednesday with Mrs. Timoney and Mr. Quinn. This week we did the brainstorming in groups and pairs. Then we did mind maps. The title of the mind map was “The Lost Treasure”. For homework we did a mind map for a story called “The Hungry Fox”. Mind maps are some pictures that make up a story. You use the questions Who?, What?, Where?, How?, What Problem? and How to Solve the Problem? They are really fun. Everyone likes them. We have fun doing them. Other people would have fun doing them as well.

By Caoilfhionn and Aaron (Rang II)


Yesterday we started Brainstorming with Mrs. Timoney and Mr. Quinn. Brainstorming is coming up with lots of ideas for any topic. We started off by writing the name of the theme in the middle of the page. Then you write things that remind you of the topic or how you feel about the topic. The most important thing is the ideas – spelling and writing doesn’t matter. We brainstormed the themes of “Holidays” and “Hobbies” and for homework we brainstormed “School”. We are doing this in preparation for Creative Writing.

By Rang II & Rang III


In January we made “My Favourite Things” books. We wrote about our favourite things. We wrote about our favourite food, our favourite holiday, our favourite sport, our favourite dinner, a pet we would like to have and what job we would like to have when we grow up. We drew pictures and coloured them in. We designed the front cover and wrote the title of the book and the authors name.We only had three days to finish the book. We displayed our books on our classroom wall. We had lots of fun making the books.

By Leah, Amy and Caoimhe O