The March 2012 edition of the INTO magazine “InTouch” carries an article entitled “Schools That Blog – What’s the Attraction?” In the article, the Ransboro NS website is mentioned as one of the schools “which are wonderful examples of blogging and ICT integration”. At the same time Scoilnet, the portal site for all things educational in Ireland, is featuring art work completed by pupils in our school on the theme of the artist Jackson Pollock using an app on the iPod Touches under its “Schools Showcase” section on its homepage. These are both really nice mentions for the school.

Paper Plate 01

We got a paper plate and we put some masking tape on it. We then painted it with a sponge. When it was dry we put more masking tape on the plate and put another coat of paint on the plate. We did this four times. When the last coat was dry, we carefully picked off all the masking tape and it made a beautiful pattern on the plate. Then we hung them up on the line in the classroom and they look beautiful.

Paper Plate 02

By Finnian and Ben (Rang I)

Glitter Art 01

Last week we did Glitter Art for our art work. We got a bottle of glue and squirted it on a piece of coloured card in a squiggly line. Then we shook some glitter on top of the glue. The glitter started to stick to the glue. Some people put different colours of glitter on their card. Then we put the pictures on the drying rack to dry over the weekend. Then we stuck them up on the wall. They look very nice.

Glitter Art 02

Glitter Art 03

By Cillian and Clodagh (Rang I)


Last week we made butterflies. We folded the paper in two. Then we opened the paper and put three colours of paint on the paper. We closed the paper and spread the paint with our hands. We opened up the page and a nice coloured butterfly appeared. We let them dry overnight. Next day we cut them out and we stuck on a body, eyes and antennae. Then we hung them up on a line in the classroom. They look great.

By Eimear and James G. (Rang I)

String Print 1

We did string printing for art yesterday. They were like foldover prints. We folded the page in half. We got string and put it into the paint. We used orange, yellow, blue, red, green and purple paint. Then we took the string out of the paint and put it on the piece of paper. Then we folded the paper over. We opened the paper and then we put on another two colours with the string. We let them dry overnight on the drying rack. Today they were dry so we put them on the wall in the classroom. Everyone enjoyed doing them.

String Print 2

By Mark and Finnian (Rang I)

Pop Art

In June we did some work in the Visual Arts curriculum about Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement in the 1960′s. We used Google Images to look at and respond to some images from this period in art history. We paid particular attention to the structure of pieces of art created during this period and especially how common, everyday objects were used to create pieces of art. We also looked at how portraits got the Pop Art treatment – who can forget the iconic portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol?

We decided to integrate technology into our Visual Arts work to create our own pieces of Pop Art. The pupils were asked to move around the classroom and, using the still camera on the iPod Touch, to take a photograph of any object in the classroom. They took photos of objects such as a chair, a drink bottle, a pencil case, a highlighter marker and even a piece of bread from someone’s lunch box. After saving the image to the camera roll, they then imported the image into the Photoshop Express app on the iPod. They firstly had to crop the image getting rid of any surplus space around the main image. Then they used the effects menu to create a Pop Art image, multiplying the image by four. Some did this twice creating a picture with the original image repeated sixteen times. The pupils also experimented with different colours and borders. They then saved the image and transferred the image to the teacher’s iPod using the Bump app. These were then transferred top the class PC and printed out. They looked great on the classroom wall. The pupils repeated the same procedure to take a photograph of themselves and turning it into another piece of Pop Art. This was a really enjoyable Visual Arts lesson. I’ve only now gotten around to putting the images together into a short movie created using Animoto, which creates video slideshows using any of your images. I hope you enjoy it.

School Cookbook

Our school has just finished creating a cookbook. It has all sorts of recipes in it – starters, main courses, desserts and cakes and breads. The pupils designed pictures for a competition to illustrate the cookbook. One picture was chosen for the cover of the cookbook. It was designed by Ciara H in 5th class. There are more illustrations inside the cookbook.

On Friday June 24th at 6.30pm, the cookbook will be launched in the school halla. The Cookbook costs €10 and will be available to buy on the night. The proceeds from the sale of the cookbook go towards the school funds. There will be samples of some of the recipes from the cookbook on the night. If you cannot make it on Friday night, money can be sent to the school secretary, Mrs. Hampson.

We would like to thank Mrs. Hampson and Mrs. Mc Veigh for putting the cookbook together.

Also on Friday night, there will be a display of other work and projects completed by classes during the year. We hope to see as many people as possible on the night.

Pop Art

We created Pop Art on the iPod Touches. Pop Art is where you take a picture and paint it three more times. It came in the 1950’s and was very popular. One of the most popular Pop Art artists was Andy Warhol. He liked to paint tins of Campbells Soup. We looked at some of his paintings on the internet. He even did a picture of Michael Jackson.

For art last week, we had to draw a pop art picture of something from our house. In school we created two Pop Art pictures, one of ourselves and one of an object. We used the camera on the iPod to take a photo of ourselves and an object in the classroom. We imported the picture into Photo Shop Express on the iPod and used the effects to turn them into Pop Art. Here are the pictures of the object Pop Art we created. We hope you like them.

We have been very busy! We used megalithic tombs and megalithic art as inspiration for our project. We enjoyed our visit to Carrowmore Tombs and we also researched Newgrange and the Turoe Stone in Galway. We then came up with a plan for our project.
We decided to make eight stone like structures out of clay. We thought we could arrange them in a circle and add megalithic art. We also thought we would create holes in our structures and possibly put a light inside (the use of light in Newgrange gave us this idea)! We thought this would be fun and look nice in our school. The final display of our project is still work in progress 😉
Grainne helped us to create our base and we then rolled clay coils into spiral shapes. We took our time doing this and tried to make really tight spirals in the shape of a ‘s’. We made hundreds of these between us! Then we painted the base with slip (slip is watered down clay). We pressed our spirals down gently onto our base. We then pierced holes into our sculptures with paintbrushes.
Our sculptures dried out in our art press for two weeks. Grainne is going to put them into the kiln in Breeogue this week. We are going down to Breeogue on Thursday to see Grainne’s studio and glaze our sculptures!
We are very pleased how our work is turning out! We enjoyed working in teams and seeing our plans turn into reality!


We created clay masks a while ago. When they were dry we painted them using metallic paints. We then each took a digital picture of our own mask using the class digital camera. We hope you like them.

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