Mr. Quinn’s class started swimming on the 16 th of Decemeber. We do it every Thursday. Mr. Quinn brings some of our work with him to corect while we are swimming. We do front crawl, breast stoke and back crawl. After the lesson we we get five minutes of play time in the pool. Then we get back into our clothes and get on the bus to go back to school. We enjoy swimming.

By Ellen and Sarah (Rang III)


Every Wednesday 3rd Class go to Volleyball after school. Our coach’s name is Ray. We started it on January 19th, so Aaron did badminton with us instead. You can read about that here. We enjoyed doing badminton. It was great fun.

In volleyball, there are four moves that we are learning. They are called the spike, serve, set and the dig. Our first lesson was outside on the basketball court. We think our coach Ray is really nice and he is also really kind. We hope we can do volleyball again in the future. We really enjoyed volleyball. We thank Mrs. Redahan for organising this fun sport. We also thank Ray for doing this sport with us and giving up his time.

By Amy and Caoimhe O (Rang III)

Badminton Lesson

On Wednesday 19th January, 3rd class did a badminton lesson in the halla after school. We were supposed to do volleyball but the man who was coming to do volleyball couldn’t come because he was sick. So we did badminton instead. To play badminton, you need a long high net, a racket and a shuttlecock. You hit the shuttlecock with the racket over the net and the other person hits it back to you like in tennis. We liked doing badminton a lot.

By Sophie-Leigh and Ciarán (Rang III)

Our basketball coach’s name is Mike Stephens. He is a very good coach. At the start of the session we do dribbling cone to cone. After training we do passing in pairs. We play the matches on the basketball court at the back of the school. When we play matches Mike puts us into two teams. When Mike blows the whistle, you have to freeze, but some people just keep on running. A dog called Buster always comes and annoys us. The last session of basketball, Mike wasn’t coming so he called his friend to coach us but he never showed up.

By Eimear and Aaron (Rang II)


On June 22nd it was Sports Day in Ransboro NS. First Rang II played unihoc and Rang I played table tennis. Then Rang II went on the bouncing castles and Rang I played unihoc. Then we had our breaktime. Then Rang II did parachute and Rang I did bouncing castles. Then Rang II played table tennis and Rang I did parachute games. Then we had our lunch. Then we had races in the field behind the school like egg and spoon races, obstacle races, tug of war, running races and relay races. Then we went inside for the rest of the day. We really enjoyed sports day because there was lots to do and we think everybody else enjoyed it too.


By Joshua (Rang II) and Ellen W (Rang I)

The 1st of June 2010 was a Monday and that is when we do PE. We did relay races using batons and egg and spoon races using wooden eggs and wooden spoons. Mr. Quinn split us into teams. Then we put cones in lines for the relay races. Mr. Quinn said “On your marks, get set, go!” Then we started the races. We had three races. They were all brilliant fun. Then when the baton races were over we started the egg and spoon races in the same teams.  Mr. Quinn said “On your marks, get set, go!” We had to go to the first cone and back. It was great fun.

By Lola and Eilis