Today is Safer Internet Day. It is a day for showing you how to use the internet properly and safely. We visited a website called Webwise and looked at a video about surfing the internet. We learned some Golden Rules about surfing the internet. These are some of those rules:

  • Don’t always say “Yes” when a pop-up appears
  • If you come across something bad on the internet, shut down the page. If that doesn’t work just turn the computer off.
  • Don’t always believe everything you see on the internet.
  • If anyone says you won a competition, don’t give them your bank account or email address.
  • If you find anything bad on the internet, tell your mum, dad or teacher. They can report it on the Hotline website.
  • Don’t give any personal information on the internet because this information can be sold to other websites and they can send you spam or a virus.
  • To find out if a website is telling the truth, look for their contact details or about page to find out who they are.

Circle Time

On Tuesdays we have Circle Time in the halla. There is a special thing called the speaking object. If we have a problem we can share it during Circle Time. If we behave and work well all week, we get Golden Time on Fridays. There are five Circle Time skills. They are: Concentrating, Listening, Looking, Speaking and Thinking. There are also Six Golden Rules:

  • We are gentle
  • We are honest
  • We are kind and helpful
  • We work hard
  • We look after property
  • We listen to people

We do different concentrating games like Chinese Whispers, clapping games, Fruitbowl and a few more. Every class goes up to do Circle Time with their own teacher. If you have misbehaved or not worked well, you can lose some of your Golden Time. We enjoy doing Circle Time a lot.

By Joshua and Leah (Rang III)

Two weeks ago, we started doing work on feelings. We decided on a feeling like sad, happy, lucky, useless, stupid, peaceful, lost, sore and bitter. We took pictures of ourselves doing facial expressions and gestures to match the feeling. We printed out the photographs and put them up on the wall beside the feelings words. Here is what is looks like:

Feelings Board

By Sophie-Leigh and Ciarán

Safer Internet Day

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day. We talked about all the safe things about the internet. We talked about the things that could help us not get into trouble on the internet. We did a quick quiz on the internet to learn more about safety on the internet. We wrote sentences for homework about safe rules when we’re on the internet. Here are some of the rules to keep you safe on the internet:

  1. Don’t let children on shopping websites.
  2. Never give your personal details on the internet.
  3. Don’t click on pop-ups as they might have a virus.
  4. Don’t talk to strangers in chat rooms on the internet.
  5. Never arrange to meet someone you’ve met online.
  6. Never use the internet when your computer is not protected against viruses.
  7. If you see something bad on the internet, log off and tell an adult.
  8. Ask an adult before you go on the internet.
  9. Only go onto websites you know are safe.
  10. If someone on the internet says that they are a child, don’t always trust them.

By Rang II & Rang III


This is Zippy!

Zippy and his friends are helping us to learn a lot about ourselves, how we feel, how we can communicate well and how to deal with different situations.

We are learning a lot about the different types of feelings we have, like happy, sad, angry, jealous and nervous.  We know that different situations can make us feel different.  It is up to us to choose a good solution to every situation.  Our rules for choosing a good solution are:

  1. 1.      It makes me feel better.
  2. 2.      It doesn’t hurt me or anyone else.

We have come up with some great solutions to different situations, here are some of them!

  • I ask for help.
  • I calm down
  • I do something I like, to forget about it.
  • I say I’m sorry
  • I talk about it
  • I think about something nice

Rang I & Rang II

We visited these websites yesterday in class:

Sneeze Safe – this told us about how to sneeze properly and how to stop spreading germs

San Francisco Symphony for Kids – we listened to the sound of different instruments of the orchestra like the oboe, the clarinet and the French horn

This is a video that we found on the iPod Touch while looking for five facts about the pomegranate. We thought you’d like to see it.

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Pomegranate tasting 01

Rang III Pomegranate Tasting

Today we tasted pomegranates in school. 22 people liked them and 5 people didn’t like them. We were tasting them with two other schools in America on Twitter. The schools we were tasting them with are in Indiana, USA. We ate the seeds, they were nice and juicy. Some people didn’t like the seeds but liked the juice. Lots of people thought they tasted like grapes. They also tasted like cranberry. The schools in America thought that the pomegranates were really nice and they didn’t like the seeds.

Pomegranate Tasting 02

Rang III Pomegranate Tasting

Earlier we went to the halla to find out five pomegranates facts each. We used our iPods to go onto the internet to find out the pomegranate facts. Here are some of the things that we found out:

  • We found out that the word pomegranate is from the Latin “Pomum Granatum” which means “apple of many seeds”.
  • The Romans called the pomegranate a “punic apple”.
  • The ancient Egyptians were buried with pomegranates. (Weird!)
  • The pomegranate is also known as “Granada” in Spanish and “Grenade” in French.
  • The pomegranate can cure kidney disease
  • The most popular thing is pomegranate juice but there is also pomegranate jellies, pomegranate wine and even pomegranate salad dressing.
  • Pomegranates are actually not a fruit, they are a berry.
  • The pomegranate tree can grow between 20 and 30 feet tall.
  • A lot of people don’t know that it’s only the juice and the seeds that are edible.


Pomegranate Tasting 03

Rang III Pomegranate Tasting

Pomegranate Tasting 04

Rang II Pomegranate Tasting

Classroom Rules

We had a discussion about all sorts of rules in the world. We talked about if we needed rules or not. We talked about how useful and important  rules were. We decided that if there weren’t rules we would not get along in class and life would be dangerous. We each wrote three rules for our classroom on a sheet of paper. We wrote all of the rules on the computer and made five rules out of them all. These are the five class rules we came up with:

1. Be Kind and don’t be a bully

2. Try not to leave someone out and share with each other

3. Work quietly, listen in class and don’t distract others

4. Be honest and respect each other

5. Try your best and put your hand up to answer

By Rang II & Rang III


The Guards came to our school and they talked to us about what they do. We asked them questions about their work. They let us see their handcuffs. They had special uniforms. We went outside to see their van. We saw the place in the van where they keep the robbers. They put the siren on and we were allowed to sit down in the van. It was great fun.


By Lynne and Ellen P

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