Last night was our First Penance. It was a very special day for 2nd Class. There was a choir and our teachers were there. Mrs Mc Nulty was playing the keyboard. All our parents were there. They were very proud of us. We had to confess our sins to the priest. He gave us penance to do. We had to sing some hymns. We sang the Our Father and did actions with it. At the end we sang “Connected” on the altar. We were very pleased at the end. Afterwards Mrs. Clarke gave us crisps to say congratulations. Everyone was happy.

St. Brigid’s Day


Today is St. Brigid’s Day. 

When Brigid was nursing an old pagan chieftain she picked up rushes from the floor and began to plait them into a cross. Brigid used the cross to explain the story of Jesus and his crucifixion to the chieftain. She told him about the love and forgiveness of God. The man repented of his lifestyle up to then and became a Christian. Since then the simple rush cross has become a symbol of Brigid’s love of God and people. 

The children who are making their First Holy Communion came into 6th Class to make St. Brigid’s Crosses with the children who are making their Confirmation. 

We made two different types: 


We had good fun helping each other and making the crosses. 





First Communion Class


Confirmation Class

Confirmation Class


On Monday May May 29th we had an ice-cream party in our classroom in school. Mr. Quinn bought some wafers for the class. He put the ice-cream in the middle of the two wafers. We had a piece of cake from our First Communion with the ice-cream. We watched a DVD called Alvin and the Chipmonks in our class. It was a great DVD and we loved the ice-cream and the cake. During the week we brought in some of our First Communion money for the Down Syndrome charity. We raised €354 and everybody was delighted with how much we raised. Everybody enjoyed the day. It was great.

By Amy


On the 22nd May Rang II made their First Holy Communion. We had to be at the church at 10.40am. When the mass started we all had to walk up to our places. We were all excited. When we were all finished our prayers we went up for communion with our families. After mass we went to the school to have a party. We had to put on aprons just in case we got our clothes dirty. We sat down at the table and got sweets.When we were finished our sweets we cut the communion cake with Mr. Quinn. It was a brilliant day. On Monday in school we had Ice-Cream Day for Down Syndrome Ireland.

By Jim and Fiona


Art Work by Fiona (Rang II)

Once there was a man and a woman who did a  job every morning. The man caught two fish and the mother baked five loaves. Micah, the son, went down to sell the food in town. A huge crowd came to see Jesus. There was not enough food for them. Jesus took the five loaves and two fish from Micah and blessed them. He fed the large crowd and there were twelve baskets of food left over.

By Eilis and Ciarán (Rang II)


Art Work by Caoimhe B. (Rang II)

The first Mass of this parish based programme for the preparation of the First Holy Communion class will take place on Sunday, 29th November at 11am in Ransboro Church. Our school choir will sing at the Mass and we invite all children to attend.