World War II


We have just finished a class project on World War II. We divided up into groups of three. Each group had a different topic to research. We used the laptops to do our research and type it up. Then we presented our findings to the class. Finally we made a podcast of our findings. It was good fun!


Here are some of the most interesting facts that we learned:

  • The atomic bomb that was dropped onHiroshimawas called ‘Fat Man’ and ‘Little Boy’ was dropped onNagasaki.
  • Hitler’s Dad changed Hitler’s name to Adolf when he was 13 years old.
  • Albert Einstein was German but he advised the Americans on how to make the atomic bombs.
  • It wasn’t just Jews put in the concentration camps, gypsies, political prisoners, ethnic minorities… were put in also.
  • The Jewish spoke their own language called ‘Yiddish’.
  • Dublinwas bombed by accident instead ofManchester.
  • D-Day was delayed by a day due to bad weather.
  • 250,000 Jews leftGermanyand the rest were put into concentration camps.
  • There were only 5 midget-subs in the world. Four were destroyed atPearlHarbourand the other one was captured.
  • To make an atomic bomb you have to split an atom!
  • D-Day was also called ‘Operation Overlord’

Our Podcast!!   World War II podacst final


By 6th Class


Today we made a podcast about people’s favourite food. We had to speak into a microphone in Gaeilge. Teacher gave us a tap on the shoulder to start. It was written in our Gaeilge copy. The name of the programme we used to record the podcast was Audacity. We listened to the podcast again to make sure it was right. It was great fun.


2nd and 3rd class made a podcast about World War 2. Some people were recorded in the podcast. We had to be really quiet while people were recording. It was hard to stay quiet for so long. We used some sound effects that we found on the internet. We talked about the food that was rationed, children being evacuated and the bombings in Dublin and Belfast. We had a lot of fun making it. We hope you enjoy it.


Last year we started tinwhistle. First we learned the notes. Then we learned the crotchet (1 beat), the minim (2 beats) and the semibreve (4 beats). We got a scale for the tinwhistle. Then we started learing tunes. These are some tunes we have learned. Mary had a Little Lamb, London Bridge, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Wheels on the Bus, This old Man , Winter Wonder Land, Jolly Old Saint Nicolas,  The Little Drumer Boy, The First Nowell and The Saints. We try to do tin whistle every day and we also do tin whistle for homework. We love tin whistle a lot. Here is a podcast of us playing some tin whictle tunes:
By Ciarán and Sophie Leigh (Rang III)

We made a podcast of the play “Witch Griselda Rides Again”. We started off by reading the play a few times. Then the parts were given out to everybody. We recorded the play on the class computer using Audacity. We then had to make it into an MP3 file and put it on our blog. We had lots of fun making it. We hope we can do it again sometime.

By Jim and Ellen (Rang III)


Second and Third Class learned one Irish poem and one Irish song for Hallowe’en. We made them into podcasts for our school blog. We hope you enjoy them.



This is a podcast of some of the rhymes that Rang I and Rang II have learned since the beginning of the year.


This podcast is about a naughty boy named Curtis. Curtis liked nothing but custard. The cook, was tired of making custard so she decided to teach Curtis a lesson. Listen to our podcast to find out what the lesson was. This is our first podcast. Making the podcast was good fun. We hope you enjoy listening to it.


This is a play called Spooky Monster. We recorded our voices and made a podcassst.The podcast was about a monster. It was fun making this podcast. We hope you enjoy listening to it.