Paper Plate 01

We got a paper plate and we put some masking tape on it. We then painted it with a sponge. When it was dry we put more masking tape on the plate and put another coat of paint on the plate. We did this four times. When the last coat was dry, we carefully picked off all the masking tape and it made a beautiful pattern on the plate. Then we hung them up on the line in the classroom and they look beautiful.

Paper Plate 02

By Finnian and Ben (Rang I)

String Print 1

We did string printing for art yesterday. They were like foldover prints. We folded the page in half. We got string and put it into the paint. We used orange, yellow, blue, red, green and purple paint. Then we took the string out of the paint and put it on the piece of paper. Then we folded the paper over. We opened the paper and then we put on another two colours with the string. We let them dry overnight on the drying rack. Today they were dry so we put them on the wall in the classroom. Everyone enjoyed doing them.

String Print 2

By Mark and Finnian (Rang I)

Clay Masks

On Tuesday January 18th we made small masks out of clay. A man came in with a bag of clay and strips of plastic for the tables. The clay felt cold, damp and mushy. We used special tools for making details on the masks. First, we rolled it into a ball. Next, we squished it down and used a pencil to make a cross. Then, we pinched the middle to make a nose, stuck our thumbs in to make the eyes and then we finished them off with the tools. The masks are drying at the moment and they are nearly ready to paint. We really enjoyed doing it.

By Stephen L and Joshua (Rang III)

Spider Art

We made colured spider-web pictures using paint and lollipop sticks. First we put a a blob of paint in the middle of a sheet. Then we didĀ rings of paint around the blob and used a lollipop stickĀ to spread the paint out starting from the blob in the middle and out. Then we let them dry. We had great fun making them.

by Lola and Jim (Rang III)

Vegetable Print  01

We did fruit and vegetable prints at school. Some of the vegetables we used are potatoes, carrots, bananas, radish, pepper and onions. We used different paints and put the vegetables in the paint. We stuck them on the wall in the classroom when they were dry. The vegetable prints were great fun to make.

Vegetable Print 02

By Aidan D and Ciara Mc