Peter and the Wolf 01

Picture by Ellen (Rang III)

Peter and the Wolf 02

Picture by Fiona (Rang III)

Peter and the Wolf 03

Picture by Ciara Mc (Rang II)

Peter and the Wolf 04

Picture by (Rang II)

Last year we started tinwhistle. First we learned the notes. Then we learned the crotchet (1 beat), the minim (2 beats) and the semibreve (4 beats). We got a scale for the tinwhistle. Then we started learing tunes. These are some tunes we have learned. Mary had a Little Lamb, London Bridge, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Wheels on the Bus, This old Man , Winter Wonder Land, Jolly Old Saint Nicolas,  The Little Drumer Boy, The First Nowell and The Saints. We try to do tin whistle every day and we also do tin whistle for homework. We love tin whistle a lot. Here is a podcast of us playing some tin whictle tunes:
By Ciarán and Sophie Leigh (Rang III)

We looked at the story of Peter and the Wolf. It was written by Sergei Prokofiev. Each character in the story is represented by an instrument. Peter is the string instruments; the bird is the flute; Grandpa is the bassoon; the duck is the oboe; the cat is the clarinet; the wolf is the French horn; the hunters shots are the kettle drums. We went onto the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra Kids website to listen to the sounds of the different instruments. Mr. Quinn read the story of Peter and the Wolf to us last week. Today we looked at a video of Peter and the Wolf on YouTube. We all thought it was very good. It was a cartoon with the music in the background. We are making some pictures of a part of the story.

By Aidan D and Stephen G (Rang II)

Peter and the Wolf – Part 1


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Peter and the Wolf – Part 2

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We visited these websites yesterday in class:

Sneeze Safe – this told us about how to sneeze properly and how to stop spreading germs

San Francisco Symphony for Kids – we listened to the sound of different instruments of the orchestra like the oboe, the clarinet and the French horn

The dates for our upcoming producation of Joseph are Monday 22nd March to Thursday 25th March. The show will run over these four nights. We will update you as soon as we have more information. We are all busy with the behind-the-scene preparations!

We learned about the brass instruments in the orchestra – the tuba, the trumpet, the trombone and the French horn. We listened to the instruments on these websites:

The New York Philharmonic Kidzone: HERE>>>>>

The San Francisco Symphony Kids HERE>>>>>


Art Work by Sarah

John Lennon was in a band called “The Beatles”. John wrote the songs. Then the band broke up. Then he became a singer by himself. He is a great singer. We listened to John Lennon’s song “Imagine”. It was great. We made an Imagine sheet. We wrote about what we imagined the world should be like.

By Lynne and Lola