Wordle: Review of the Year

We made a Review of the Year word cloud using Wordle. We typed in all the things we did during the year. The things we liked we typed in more than once so that the word would come out bigger in the word cloud. We never knew how many different things we did during the year and then we realised that we had done quite a lot, especially art work. We really enjoyed doing them all. We put in iPods a lot to make it the biggest word in the word cloud because we liked them the best.

By Rang I and Rang II


Twitter is used for talking to other schools. We are working on a Jackson Pollock painting called No. 5. We are saying if it is good or not good. Some think it is not good, some think it is good.

In Twitter you can follow other people or schools and they can follow our Tweets too. At the top of the Twitter page we Tweet about what is happening in our classroom in school. It is fun and our teacher showed us all about it. We try to Tweet every day.

By Daniel and Eva (Rang I)

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Last Friday Mr. Quinn asked us to make a sock for our iPod Touch. The reason was to protect the iPods and so they would not get lost on the tables at school. We had to re-use any old clothes or material to make the sock. We came up with lots of different ideas. Some of us used vests, socks, old tracksuits, gloves and some even knitted one. Some of us haven’t finished one yet. Some of us stitched and glued and put cool designs on the sock and put handles on them. It was great fun making them.

You can view photos of the socks HERE >>>>>

By Sarah and Caoimhe O (Rang II)


A couple of weeks ago we started doing a pilot project on iPod Touches. The first thing we did was to check what time it was in different parts of the world. Then we did some maths on the calculator. Mr. Quinn downloaded some apps and games to play like Chicktionary, Planets, Flip It, PB Harmony and lots more. A couple of weeks later we got more games. iPod Touches are really fun beacuse there are lots of games to play and there are also education apps to play as well. We all enjoy using them.

By Caoimh B. and Daragh (Rang II)