Hallowe'en 01

We came to school in our Hallowe’en costumes today. Our teacher took photographs of us beside the picture of the gorilla. We went outside playing in our costumes and some people had masks. There were zombies, skeletons, Darth Vader, dead brides, witches, vampires, Spanish dancers, a mummy, knights, Grim Reapers, a Ninja, a head cutter, an evil eye skull, pumpkins, devils, princesses. It was fun.

By Rang I

Hallowe'en 02

Hallowe'en 03

Hallowe'en 04

We made a podcast of the play “Witch Griselda Rides Again”. We started off by reading the play a few times. Then the parts were given out to everybody. We recorded the play on the class computer using Audacity. We then had to make it into an MP3 file and put it on our blog. We had lots of fun making it. We hope we can do it again sometime.

By Jim and Ellen (Rang III)


We created Flickr Lunes and made them into a video. A Lune is a kind of poetry with three lines. There are three words on the first line, five words on the second line and three words on the third line. We used our iPod Touches to create the Lunes. We used pictures from Flickr to create the Lunes. We used Photostory to put all the Lunes together and make the video. We recorded our own voices reading the Lunes for the video. You can watch our video here. We hope you enjoy the video.

By Stephen and Caoimhe O (Rang III)


Second and Third Class learned one Irish poem and one Irish song for Hallowe’en. We made them into podcasts for our school blog. We hope you enjoy them.