We went to Parkes Castle,  The Holy Well, Dooney Rock and Lough Gill on our school tour.  We went on a boat ride on Lough Gill.

Last week we went on a minibeast hunt.  We followed the Conservation Code:

  • Search care f u l l y
  • Handle animals with care
  • Replace stones and logs
  • Observe, draw and re c o rd if possible, rather than handling
  • Return animals to habitats as soon as possible

Last Thursday we went on a bus to visit Breeogue
Pottery. It is very close to our school.
Grainne showed us around her studio. We saw the two kilns that Grainne used for our sculptures and pots.
Grainne made a bowl and a vase while we were there. It was fascinating to watch Grainne make these items from clay!
Grainne then showed us how to glaze our sculptures. We were pleased to see our sculptures, they are now a white colour!
Then we went to visit the shop and we saw fantastic pieces of pottery that both Grainne and Tom made! We can see how much time and effort it takes to make an item out of clay!


Check out our coil pots!

Grainne put our pots into the kiln after we glazed them. We think they are lovely! Grainne said that they were so good that she could sell them in her shop!

We have been very busy! We used megalithic tombs and megalithic art as inspiration for our project. We enjoyed our visit to Carrowmore Tombs and we also researched Newgrange and the Turoe Stone in Galway. We then came up with a plan for our project.
We decided to make eight stone like structures out of clay. We thought we could arrange them in a circle and add megalithic art. We also thought we would create holes in our structures and possibly put a light inside (the use of light in Newgrange gave us this idea)! We thought this would be fun and look nice in our school. The final display of our project is still work in progress 😉
Grainne helped us to create our base and we then rolled clay coils into spiral shapes. We took our time doing this and tried to make really tight spirals in the shape of a ‘s’. We made hundreds of these between us! Then we painted the base with slip (slip is watered down clay). We pressed our spirals down gently onto our base. We then pierced holes into our sculptures with paintbrushes.
Our sculptures dried out in our art press for two weeks. Grainne is going to put them into the kiln in Breeogue this week. We are going down to Breeogue on Thursday to see Grainne’s studio and glaze our sculptures!
We are very pleased how our work is turning out! We enjoyed working in teams and seeing our plans turn into reality!


We have a new artist working with us on our Crafted Project, her name is Grainne Callery. Grainne and her husband Tom have their own pottery studio called Breeogue Pottery Callery Ceramics, see their website:http://www.calleryceramics.com.

Grainne showed us how to glaze our coil pots and we used different coloured glazes to decorate our pot! We really enjoyed our workshop. Grainne is going to put our pots into a kiln, we can’t wait to see how they turn out! We will keep you posted 😉

Rang 1 & Rang 2

We started a Reading Buddies programme in our class. We decided to call it Reading Pals because we liked that name better!

We have our Reading Pals Time at 11am every day. Mrs. Timoney comes in to help us.

In our Reading Pals sessions we read nice books, we share our books and we praise each other. We have fun reading with our partners and we think it’s very interesting!

Before we read our books we talk a lot about the title, cover, author and pictures! We try to predict what our book is about!

We read and then we make flashcards of any words that we didn’t know and we look them up in the dictionary. We make sentences out of the words and we have made up some fun games with our words.

We have special folders with a green pocket and a red pocket. When we work really well with our partners we get a sticker on our reward sheet!

Rang 1 & Rang 2

I like Reading Pals because I like reading and I have a good partner called Ellen. She is very nice.

By Claire.

We’ve started a project called Reading Pals. We all have partners. We love this project, it’s so cool and a lot of fun.

Katelyn & Aisling.


We started our CraftEd project with Kim Sharkey!

We visited Carrowmore and we looked at the tombs.  We decided to make coil clay pots using different types of clay.  The people who lived 6,000 years ago used clay pots for lots of things.

Kim showed us lots of different types of clay and some of her own pieces that she had made.  We thought they were lovely.  

We made five sausages out of our piece of clay.  It was important that we rolled them evenly and that we did not poke the clay.  If we poked the clay, air would have got into it and it might explode when we put it into the kiln!  We then put newspaper into bowls to help us with the shape of the coil pot.  We rolled each sausage into a spiral and we placed each one into the bowl.  Then we smoothed down the inside of our pots with the back of a spoon and our fingers.  We put our initials inside.  

Our coil pots are now drying in our art press!  After our mid-term we will put our pots into a kiln and glaze them.  Thank you to the parents who helped us.

 We had lots of fun making our coil pots, we can’t wait to see Kim again and make more exciting things with clay!

Rang I & Rang II