Santa Comes to Ransboro





At breaktime today there was great commotion on the yard! The teachers called us all around to the front of the school. When we got there we saw Santa arriving on a horse and cart with Silvio’s dad!!!! The horse was called Maggie!!




Santa got off and talked to all of us. Each class got their picture taken with Santa and then he visited each classroom and gave us all sweets!





We got this idea from a class that we are following on Twitter @REACHRocketeers!

Teacher gave us three sheets of paper with lines on them showing you where to cut. We had to make six arms to form the snowflake. We cut  the sheets of paper different ways and then sellotaped the arms together and then stapled them. After we formed our 3D snowflakes teacher gave us the choice if we wanted them sprayed gold and silver or just silver. We could have left them plain if we wanted to. We had loads of fun making snowflakes.  Teacher hung our snowflakes on a line on the roof.  Now everyone can see our wonderful snowflakes. 




By Ciara H and Stephen M.

6th Class were busy little elves!!!


A few weeks ago we came up with a fundraising idea to help raise money for our trip toDelphiin June. We decided to make Christmas cards.


Teacher got the supplies for our cards from the internet. We waited impatiently for the parcel to arrive! We were very happy when it did. We decided that we would make 5 cards each and sell them at home.


We went in groups to a table in our room and made our cards. So far we have made over 160 cards. It was time consuming but great fun. We are still busy with new orders 🙂



We are very happy with the results!!!!!!!!!!!!







  Santa came into all of our classrooms and gave us all sweets!

We had a great surprise today when a very special visitor literally “dropped in” to visit the pupils of the school. Santa Claus himself took time out from his busy schedule to visit the pupils of the school. Unbelievably, he arrived by helicopter, explaining that one of the reindeer had a sore hoof and could not travel. The helicopter landed in the field beside the school unannounced, just at the end of the first break while the pupils were still on the yard. We quickly made our way up to the field to welcome Santa to our school. After his surprise arrival by helicopter, he came down to the school and visited all of the classrooms, delivering sweets for all of the pupils. He told everybody to make sure that they were in bed early on December 24th before his arrival to deliver presents! You can view the excitement of Santa’s arrival by helicopter by clicking on the link below: 

Santa by Helicopter

We each did a piece of jigsaw on the theme of  Christmas and put   it together.It fromed a heart beause love is at the heart of Christmas. Here it is.hope you like it.WE enjoyed making it… 4th Class.

Heart of Christmas

4th Class PANTO!


We are in ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ in the Hawk’s Well.

Rehearsals in school!

Rehearsals in school!



Rehearsals in school!

Rehearsals in school!

The dressing room is small but we are having lots of fun.

On Sunday we went to The Embassy for a party. It was great fun.

Some nights we get a standing ovation!

We have our last show on Saturday night. It will be sad when it is over.

We are tired but are having great fun!


Panto 1Panto 5Some more rehearsal pictures!Panto 4

We visited some of these Christmas websites:

Santa’s Deer Christmas Cards HERE>>>>>

Disco Dancing Santa HERE>>>>>

Disco Dancing Santa HERE>>>>>

North Pole HERE>>>>> HERE>>>>>

We made a movie of our Nativity play using the Photostory software programme. We hope you enjoy it.

Our Nativity

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