We got this idea from a class that we are following on Twitter @REACHRocketeers!

Teacher gave us three sheets of paper with lines on them showing you where to cut. We had to make six arms to form the snowflake. We cut  the sheets of paper different ways and then sellotaped the arms together and then stapled them. After we formed our 3D snowflakes teacher gave us the choice if we wanted them sprayed gold and silver or just silver. We could have left them plain if we wanted to. We had loads of fun making snowflakes.  Teacher hung our snowflakes on a line on the roof.  Now everyone can see our wonderful snowflakes. 




By Ciara H and Stephen M.

6th Class were busy little elves!!!


A few weeks ago we came up with a fundraising idea to help raise money for our trip toDelphiin June. We decided to make Christmas cards.


Teacher got the supplies for our cards from the internet. We waited impatiently for the parcel to arrive! We were very happy when it did. We decided that we would make 5 cards each and sell them at home.


We went in groups to a table in our room and made our cards. So far we have made over 160 cards. It was time consuming but great fun. We are still busy with new orders 🙂



We are very happy with the results!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pop Art

In June we did some work in the Visual Arts curriculum about Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement in the 1960′s. We used Google Images to look at and respond to some images from this period in art history. We paid particular attention to the structure of pieces of art created during this period and especially how common, everyday objects were used to create pieces of art. We also looked at how portraits got the Pop Art treatment – who can forget the iconic portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol?

We decided to integrate technology into our Visual Arts work to create our own pieces of Pop Art. The pupils were asked to move around the classroom and, using the still camera on the iPod Touch, to take a photograph of any object in the classroom. They took photos of objects such as a chair, a drink bottle, a pencil case, a highlighter marker and even a piece of bread from someone’s lunch box. After saving the image to the camera roll, they then imported the image into the Photoshop Express app on the iPod. They firstly had to crop the image getting rid of any surplus space around the main image. Then they used the effects menu to create a Pop Art image, multiplying the image by four. Some did this twice creating a picture with the original image repeated sixteen times. The pupils also experimented with different colours and borders. They then saved the image and transferred the image to the teacher’s iPod using the Bump app. These were then transferred top the class PC and printed out. They looked great on the classroom wall. The pupils repeated the same procedure to take a photograph of themselves and turning it into another piece of Pop Art. This was a really enjoyable Visual Arts lesson. I’ve only now gotten around to putting the images together into a short movie created using Animoto, which creates video slideshows using any of your images. I hope you enjoy it.

We were invited to a photo shoot in the Sligo Education Centre.

Only four children could go so we picked two girls and two boys out of a hat. We had to bring our art project with us.

The photographer’s name was Bernie, we had great fun trying to get good shots of our sculptures.  There were five other schools there too.  We looked at their projects and we thought that they were amazing.

While we were there we attended a clay workshop and we made mugs.  Then we had a fabric workshop and we made a  fabric painting.  We had lots of fun.  When we came back to school we told our class all about it.

6th Class have been involved in planning and designing a mural for our school bike shed.

Karen Webster:

 On the 5th of May 2011 an artist called Karen Webster came into our classroom and talked to us about the sea. She then told us about a mural we were planning to do and that we would be having different sessions with her. She said we would be painting the mural on the bike shed, around the back of the school within a few weeks. We were all very excited! After she talked to us about it, she got us to draw and paint some ideas that she would scan onto the mural!


 We chose to do the mural on the sea because Karen thought that the sea is very important in our eco-system. The sea is also very close to us (Strandhill beach). We love the sea and find it a very interesting place. Karen told us some facts about the sea, for eg:

  • 70% of the world is made up of ocean/sea.
  • There is over 500 types of seaweed.

Karen encouraged us a lot and she got us very interested in the ocean!!

What we did?


We drew our creations on water paper and then painted them. We used special pens so that the ink would run so it made the outsides darker. Then the paint ran over them and so the creations would come alive! Karen then gave us fact sheets so we would know a bit about what we were painting.
How we designed it?

 We designed it by using the paintings we painted in previous sessions to use in the mural. The next week she told us how she was planning to put it up onto the wall of the bike shed. She also gave us the plan that we had decided on, and told us to colour it in so we would have the colours already organized for when we were painting the mural!


 This week we are painting the Mural. We have already drawn the grid and animals. Tomorrow we are going to start painting it with colour and detail. Karen will come in and help us to not make mistakes like running paint or painting over something! We are painting from Monday to Thursday and there are 4 groups and we each get a half an hour working on it.

By Luke, Brian & Claire McV

Last Thursday we went on a bus to visit Breeogue
Pottery. It is very close to our school.
Grainne showed us around her studio. We saw the two kilns that Grainne used for our sculptures and pots.
Grainne made a bowl and a vase while we were there. It was fascinating to watch Grainne make these items from clay!
Grainne then showed us how to glaze our sculptures. We were pleased to see our sculptures, they are now a white colour!
Then we went to visit the shop and we saw fantastic pieces of pottery that both Grainne and Tom made! We can see how much time and effort it takes to make an item out of clay!


Miss Hynes asked the class to bring in things like toilet rolls, plastic bottles and straws to construct a model of a wave energy generator. The choices were a Pelamis or an Oyster. Most people made a Pelamis.



When everyone had finished making their Oyster or Pelamis, they left them to dry at the back of the room.

The next day we had fun painting them.

We are enjoying our project so far!





By Nease, Emer S, Oisin L, Connell


First and second class made Chinese lanterns for Christmas. You need to get a balnk sheet of paper and colour it in. Cut the paper out. You get a stapler and staple the top and bottom. Then you get tinsel and hang it up. We enjoyed making them.

By Leah and Fiona (Rang II)