We got this idea from a class that we are following on Twitter @REACHRocketeers!

Teacher gave us three sheets of paper with lines on them showing you where to cut. We had to make six arms to form the snowflake. We cut  the sheets of paper different ways and then sellotaped the arms together and then stapled them. After we formed our 3D snowflakes teacher gave us the choice if we wanted them sprayed gold and silver or just silver. We could have left them plain if we wanted to. We had loads of fun making snowflakes.  Teacher hung our snowflakes on a line on the roof.  Now everyone can see our wonderful snowflakes. 




By Ciara H and Stephen M.

6th Class were busy little elves!!!


A few weeks ago we came up with a fundraising idea to help raise money for our trip toDelphiin June. We decided to make Christmas cards.


Teacher got the supplies for our cards from the internet. We waited impatiently for the parcel to arrive! We were very happy when it did. We decided that we would make 5 cards each and sell them at home.


We went in groups to a table in our room and made our cards. So far we have made over 160 cards. It was time consuming but great fun. We are still busy with new orders 🙂



We are very happy with the results!!!!!!!!!!!!




It’s Science Week this week ! We used the ‘10,000 Science Fact’ App on our iPods to find out some interesting Science facts! These are our favourites!!!


Eating one apple adds 5 minutes to a person’s life.

Moon was Buzz Aldrin’s mother’s maiden name!

Contrary to popular belief, lightning travels from the ground upwards and not the other way around!

200,000lbs of space dust falls on to the earth everyday!

Over 200million M&M’s are sold daily inAmerica.



A cockroach can live a week without its head, it only dies because it can’t drink water.

Baseball sized hailstones killed 246 people inIndiain 1888.

Leonardo Da Vinci was the first person to come up with the idea of contact lenses.

55% of people yawn within 5 minutes of seeing someone else yawn.

A leech has 32 brains!



A butterfly has 12,000 eyes!

A bucket full of water contains more atoms than there are bucketfuls of water in theAtlantic Ocean.

33% of dog owners admit to talking to their dogs on the phone!

‘Clinophobia’ is a fear of beds!

Hawaii is moving towards Japan at a rate of 10cms a year!

100,000 cubic feet of water passes over the Niagara Falls every second.

400 Quarter Pounders can be made from one cow!

A ball of glass will bounce higher than a ball of rubber.

If you drop a raisin into a glass of fresh champagne it’ll continually bounce up and down.

Every year our eyes blink 4,200,000 times each!

700 Million people throughout the earth have blood sucking hook worms living in their body.

A 100lbs man on earth would weigh 38lbs on Mars.

Assuming Rudolph stays in front, there are 40,320 ways that you can arrange the other reindeer!!!!!

In the USA between 1975-1995 there were only 4 states without earthquakes,Florida,Iowa,North Dakota and Wisconsin.

A lion’s roar can be heard from 5 miles away.

A heavy chicken house, 16 by 16 feet in area, was picked up by a tornado and wedged between two trees. The hens were found the next day sitting on their eggs in the chicken house, with no windows broken, as if nothing had happened!

A snail can sleep for 3 years straight!!!

A baby enchida  is called a ‘puggle’.

27% of Americans believe that we never landed on the moon.

9/10 lightning strike victims survive.

A man once sued his doctor for surviving cancer longer than the doctor said he would.


By 6th Class 🙂

We are learning about what causes the seasons in class.


The axis of the Earth is at a tilt of 23.5 degrees. It is this tilt that causes the seasons. The Earth orbits the sun while spinning on its own axis. The tilt causes different amounts of the suns energy to reach the Earth at different times during the year.

When the suns energy (light) is directly hitting the Northern Hemisphere it is summer here. The rest of the light hits the southern hemisphere at an angle which causes it to be dispersed further. Hence it is weaker when it hits the southern hemisphere and it is winter in the southern hemisphere. The opposite happens during our winter. The seasons are always the opposite in the northern and southern hemispheres.

The Tropics around the equator get full heat all year around and have minimal temperature change.


The Seasons Fun Facts!

  • In St. Petersburg in Russia, from mid June to mid July the sky stays bright. This is called ‘White Nights’!
  • In Alaska they play a game of baseball that starts at 10.30pm on the Summer Solstice. It sometimes lasts until 2am and is all played in daylight!
  • The Arctic Circle only has two seasons summer and winter. The sun only rises and sets once every year here!
  • In the Arctic Circle the night time is called the ‘Midnight Sun’, because the sun shines for 24hours a day during their 6 month summer!
  • In Svalbard, an island off Norway, the sun doesn’t set from April 19th until August 23rd, and the sun doesn’t rise from October 26th until February 15th!


By 6th Class

World War II


We have just finished a class project on World War II. We divided up into groups of three. Each group had a different topic to research. We used the laptops to do our research and type it up. Then we presented our findings to the class. Finally we made a podcast of our findings. It was good fun!


Here are some of the most interesting facts that we learned:

  • The atomic bomb that was dropped onHiroshimawas called ‘Fat Man’ and ‘Little Boy’ was dropped onNagasaki.
  • Hitler’s Dad changed Hitler’s name to Adolf when he was 13 years old.
  • Albert Einstein was German but he advised the Americans on how to make the atomic bombs.
  • It wasn’t just Jews put in the concentration camps, gypsies, political prisoners, ethnic minorities… were put in also.
  • The Jewish spoke their own language called ‘Yiddish’.
  • Dublinwas bombed by accident instead ofManchester.
  • D-Day was delayed by a day due to bad weather.
  • 250,000 Jews leftGermanyand the rest were put into concentration camps.
  • There were only 5 midget-subs in the world. Four were destroyed atPearlHarbourand the other one was captured.
  • To make an atomic bomb you have to split an atom!
  • D-Day was also called ‘Operation Overlord’

Our Podcast!!   World War II podacst final


By 6th Class


6th Class Identity Day 7th October 2011


On Friday 7th October, 6th Class had an ‘Identity Day’. An ‘Identity Day’ is where everyone in the class tells the class something about themselves that no one else knows. We got the idea from a school that we are following on Twitter @Gill_Villeans. They are fromCanada.


Some people brought in photographs and various objects to do with what they were talking about.  We learned:

  • 3 people had their lives saved when they were smaller
  • 2 people set off fire alarms in public buildings by accident
  • Ciara dressed up as Mickey Mouse!
  • Steven kept kicking the incubator when he was born!
  • Attracta wants to move toAustraliaand have a koala!
  • A few people have had stitches
  • Kieran fell out the door on a baby walker
  • Aoibhin brought in her dancing shoes
  • Sean likes old style rap
  • A few people got lost over the years!
  • Thomas had a twisted ankle when he was born and needed surgery
  • Niall’s dog got ran over and has no bone in her left hind leg.
  • Shane had his Christmas dinner last week because his brother is moving toCanada
  • Evelyn has 2 guinea pigs.
  • Paddy goes toSardiniaevery year.
  • Sean went on roller skates and ended up in a bush!
  • Lee sleeps with a blue blanket that he has for 12 years!
  • Silvio likes classical music
  • Stephen likes AC/DC
  • Pauric skateboarded for the first time this summer
  • Donagh fell down the escalator in Quayside
  • Jack used to bring a hammer to bed and he loved Wendy from Bob the Builder!
  • Hannah left her hand on the hot stove for 15 seconds when she was 1
  • Miss Hynes has a very cute niece!


We all learned a lot about each other!

6th Class

6th Class decided today that they would like a graduation song to sing at their school leavers assembly on Wednesday! We had great fun putting this together this afternoon!!

Click on the link to listen to the song: 6th Class Graduation Song



6th Class were Runners-Up in the Xperience Enginnering Challenge



The Helix

On the 9th of June, Meadhbh Kenneally, Vita Gethin, Oisín Staunton, Seán Callaghan, Ms Hynes and Mrs Clarke went to the Helix in Dublin to present the Xperience Engineering Project. We left at 07:00 on a train and arrived in Connolly Station at 10:10. When we got to the Helix, we went to a speech made by the president of Engineers Ireland. After the speech we set up the project on a stand.
Half an our later, Ms Hynes and Mrs Clarke went down to the first floor and Vita and Seán went to a building challenge. They had to make a tower out of paper rolled up into tubes as high as they could, but a plastic cup had to sit in it without falling.
Meadhbh and Oisín waited at the stand to give the presentation to the judges. We were the 11th stand the judges looked at. When we had given the presentation, we went to lunch, and after that, we went to a science show. When the science show had finished, there was a presentation for all the schools that got through to the finals. Everyone got a silver certificate. After all the schools were given a certificate, the prizes for the building contest were given. The prizes were laptops. We didn’t win one. When the laptops were given, the grand prizes were given. The winner in our category was Harold’s Boys school.

After the prize giving was over, we packed up the project. We took a taxi to Mc Donald’s and had a meal. We then took the Luas back to the train station and got on a train back to Sligo. It was a great day.


By Oisín S, Seán C and Meadhbh K



Delphi day 1!!
On day 1 we arrived at the school at 9:20 to get on the bus.

Before we got on the bus a lot of people were taking pictures.

We had a 2 and a half hour bus ride to get to Delphi, everyone was very excited.

When we arrived Maura was waiting for us she brought us to the conservatory where we ate our lunch and talked about what we would be doing and the rooms we would be in and who we would be staying with. We met an English school when we were there, there were 100 from their school in Delphi. After lunch we went back to our rooms and got ready for surfing.

At 2 o ‘clock we met in the hall to get on the bus to go to the beach, when we arrived at the beach we had to change into the wetsuits that were very WET & COLD. We got our surfboards and ran to the beach. Before we got into the water we learned how to surf on the sand. After that we did some warming up exercises which included running, push ups etc.. When we were all warmed up we got into the FREEZING cold sea. We were surfing for an hour. At the end most of us could surf pretty well. When we were finished we went back to the changing rooms and took off our wetsuits (They were quite hard to take off!). We went back to the centre and got ready for dinner. We had horrible spaghetti bolognaise for dinner but a lot of people said they were vegetarians so that they didn’t have to eat the meat! For dessert we had chocolate ice-cream which was REALLy nice.

Our night activity was a forest walk so after dinner we went to our rooms to get changed into our waterproofs and tracksuits. The forest walk was really long, boring and a bit wet. After we had supper which was bread and butter with jam. To drink we had tea. Some people were lucky enough to get toast.

After supper we had around two hours before we had to go to bed. In that time a few people got to know the English while others had showers or just relaxed. Our night guard’s name was Shelly and she was really nice!!!!

By Carla,, Emer H & Sophie

The next morning we did kayaking. We did kayaking for two and a half hours. We played fun kayaking games. We played cops ‘n’ robbers game like ‘Sharks and Minnows’. We did pier jumping and played on our kayaks.

Afterwards we did team building. Some games were confusing! The first one was called ‘Spiders Web’. It was ropes all tied together which we had to crawl through without touching the rope. If one of the team-members touched the web we would have to start over.

Another game was when an instructor made a noise and we had to be blind-folded and try to find where the noise was coming from.

The next game was we had three planks of wood. We would have to find a way to get across the wood with-out touching the ground.

Another game was called ‘Towers of Hanoi’. We had three poles and five tyres. The first pole had all tyres. Each tyre had a number on them. The second pole had to have one of these tyres on it at all times. The third pole was the pole which we had to move all the tyres to, in their proper order. It was a very confusing game!

Near night-time we had to do a bog-walk (nightline.) It’s basically where we had to wear blindfolds and walk in mud. It was very muddy and fun! We walked into puddles of muck and one of the puddles was up to our necks! The person in front of you had to direct you where to walk! Overall we really enjoyed it!!! J J

By Sarah, Connell & Oisin L.

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