Last Friday, I won 2 Cups and 5 medals in the Connacht Dancing Championships.  I did two heavy shoe dances and two light shoe dances.  I got lots of photographs taken and I stood on a podium.

Badminton Lesson

On Wednesday 19th January, 3rd class did a badminton lesson in the halla after school. We were supposed to do volleyball but the man who was coming to do volleyball couldn’t come because he was sick. So we did badminton instead. To play badminton, you need a long high net, a racket and a shuttlecock. You hit the shuttlecock with the racket over the net and the other person hits it back to you like in tennis. We liked doing badminton a lot.

By Sophie-Leigh and Ciarán (Rang III)

CESI Conference

Next Saturday week, 3rd class are going on a minibus to Portlaoise to give a workshop about using the iPods in the classroom. It will take three hours to get there and three hours to get back. Mrs. Clarke, our principal, and Mrs. O’ Rourke, our deputy principal, will be coming to the conference with us. We will stop for a snack on the way.

There will be about 200 people at the conference. There will be four other workshops going on at the same time as us. The are seventeen people going from our class. We will be doing tables, spellings, Flickr Lunes and apps on the iPods. Our teacher knows another teacher from Twitter going to the conference. We are really excited.

By Leah and Eilis (Rang III)