Ransboro NS received the news they were the first school in Sligo and the fourth school in Ireland to get an active schools flag! The friendship squad are a group who go out at break and play with lonely children were partly behind the success. They are from fifth class. Only three schools have got this award so far and only ten will get it this year. The friendship squad (also known as the active schools committee) had a long interview with Mr. Quealy in which he was very impressed. The school went on active school tours, the staff do keep fit classes each week and the school has the friendship squad. A man called Michael Quealy came all the way from the Mayo education centre to come and see if we lived up to the standards of what we said in the plan. The friendship squad is a group of boys and girls from 5th class who give up their breaks each day of the week to try and make breaks happy for every one. The friendship squad do all types of activities they have all ready done skipping, golf, tennis, elastics, hula hoops, pom poms, ball games and many more. Mr Quealy also said that he was very impressed by the friendship squad. Swimming Every class in the school goes swimming for 11 weeks at a time. Every one looks forward to swimming on a Thursday morning. Swimming is a great way to exercise and it’s very active!!! Sports day Sports day is a very sporty day that Ransboro enjoy each year. They do golf, bouncy castles, obstacle courses and much more Mr Quealy was so pleased with our progress in being active he said that we would have the flag in a week this is great news for our school