May 2012

The Green School Committee organised a ‘WOW Day’ in our school on Wednesday.  We tried to walk all or part of the way to school,  147 of us walked to school!  We enjoyed the exercise and also helped our environment by not using cars.  When we arrived at school our Green School Committee had a drink and a sticker for us! We are going to try to keep it up 😉


We picked rhubarb from the organic garden at the back of the school beside our yard. We went inside to the school kitchen and washed our hands. We did this in groups as the kitchen is too small. Everyone else worked in the halla beside the kitchen while the group cooked. We put an apron on and cut off the leaves from the rhubarb. We then washed the rhubarb and cut it into small pieces. We put it into a saucepan, added some sugar and some hot water. Then teacher turned on the cooker and put the saucepan on it. We watched it bubble and had to stir it. Teacher tested the rhubarb with the wooden spoon to see if it was soft.

We let the rhubarb cool in a bowl on the windowsill while we were tidying up. When it was cool enough we put it in a cup with some vanilla yogurt and ate it. Some people did not like it and some people loved it. Some people liked it without the yogurt. We had great fun cooking.



By Rang I

We made crystals in class yesterday. To do this experiment you need a jar, a jug, a pencil, boiling water, some thread, a paper clip and salt. First we put some boiling water into a jug. We then poured salt into the jug and stirred it to dissolve the salt. You keep putting in salt until it stops dissolving. Then you leave the water to cool. When it is cool, pour the water and salt mixture into a jar. Next, tie a paper clip to a piece of thread. Tie the other end to a pencil and drop it into the jar. It shouldn’t touch the bottom or the side of the jar. Leave it somewhere to cool fully overnight. Crystals will appear on the thread. It was good fun doing this experiment.

By Marc and Anna Cl