February 2012

Today is Safer Internet Day. It is a day for showing you how to use the internet properly and safely. We visited a website called Webwise and looked at a video about surfing the internet. We learned some Golden Rules about surfing the internet. These are some of those rules:

  • Don’t always say “Yes” when a pop-up appears
  • If you come across something bad on the internet, shut down the page. If that doesn’t work just turn the computer off.
  • Don’t always believe everything you see on the internet.
  • If anyone says you won a competition, don’t give them your bank account or email address.
  • If you find anything bad on the internet, tell your mum, dad or teacher. They can report it on the Hotline website.
  • Don’t give any personal information on the internet because this information can be sold to other websites and they can send you spam or a virus.
  • To find out if a website is telling the truth, look for their contact details or about page to find out who they are.

This is our third video that we made this year. We worked in pairs and we had to dress up. We had to say “Níl” or “Tá”. We had to say it all in Irish. We used an iPod to make the video and then we put it on the Mac to make the movie. We watched in on wide screen on the white board in class. It is a bit funny.

By Jaime and Sam (Rang I)


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We made a video in Irish yesterday. It is called Éadaí. We made the video using an iPod. We had to dress up in different clothes. Teacher got the clothes in the costume room. Some of the clothes were too big for us. We had to say “Féach orm. Tá ____ orm”. We had fun making the Irish video.

By Rang I


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