January 2012

Paper Plate 01

We got a paper plate and we put some masking tape on it. We then painted it with a sponge. When it was dry we put more masking tape on the plate and put another coat of paint on the plate. We did this four times. When the last coat was dry, we carefully picked off all the masking tape and it made a beautiful pattern on the plate. Then we hung them up on the line in the classroom and they look beautiful.

Paper Plate 02

By Finnian and Ben (Rang I)

I have reached the final of the doodle 4 google competition! There are 15 finalists in each category.

The winning student will have their doodle on the Google Ireland homepage for 24 hours.  They will also receive
a €10,000 technology grant for their school and a laptop for the pupil and teacher.

The winner of each category wins a laptop for themselves and their teacher.  This is open to Public Vote,
please vote for me – it’s easy!  Just follow the link below.


I am going to the Google Offices in Dublin on the 12th of March for the prize giving ceremony.

Thanks in advance,


2nd ClassFun land

I wish I could fly like a butterfly and help animals and make people smile.


We made a video in Irish yesterday. We used the iPod to make the video. We videoed everybody in the class. We videoed “Ar Scoil” things that we were learning about last week. We imported the videos onto the Mac laptop. We used the iMovie programme to put the video together. It was weird listening to our voices on the video. We had fun doing it.

 By Rang I

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Our class entered the Doodle for Google competition!  We had to create our own doodle with the theme I wish…!

Last week our teacher received three envelopes in the post from Google!  We were so excited!  Inside were letters and certificates for three children in our class.

Amber, Rosha and Cliodhna have reached the semi-final of the competition!  After the 23rd  of January their names will be up on the http://www.google.ie/doodle4google/ website.  Congratulations girls!

2nd & 3rd Class

We were thrilled with the news, we got a certificate and a letter!  I drew and underwater scene with loads of fish, Cliodhna drew a doodle based on musical instruments and cooking utensils as she loves music and cooking! Amber drew a doodle based on a girl on holidays.

By Rosha, Cliodhna & Amber.

We were learning about the middle ages in history. We looked at medieval castles and

we made our own castles. We were in four groups. Each group made their own castle on

a motte. We made a bailey and moat around the castle. Here are some of the pictures

of our castles.

Christmas Concert



Today we had our Christmas concert. The whole hall was PACKED so some people had to stand, but they were still happy. Each class did a song or a poem. Lots of people wore festive hats and scarves.


Some parents had organised a Race Night that raised €3000. They presented a cheque to Mrs Clarke at the start.


Senior Infants did some poems. They had awesome actions too.



First class sang some songs.


Second and Third class sang ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’. Everyone joined in. All the adults clapped along and everyone had a smile on their faces.


Third and Fourth class did a poem. They had nice costumes as well.


 Fifth class sang the ‘Twelve days of Christmas’. They had a violin and guitar playing alongside them.


Our class did the poem ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’, by Clement Clarke Moore. We had to make sure we said our lines loud and clear. Luckily, everyone loved us and enjoyed our performance.  All the classes were fantastic. We got a HUGE clap at the end.


Mrs Clarke presented a cheque to the Diabetes Association in Mrs Cullen’s memory. Last years 6th Class had collected some of their confirmation money and the staff also made donations.


A couple of us stayed behind and snow-sprayed the windows.  There were really cool stencils like: a snowman, Rudolph and Santa in his sleigh.


By: Aoibhín, Ciara Mc and Ciara H.