September 2011

QR Codes 01

Today we did our Friday Maths using QR Codes and our iPods. We went to the hall after first break to do the treasure hunt. We first had to find the hidden QR Codes, then we used the i-nigma app on the iPod to read the code. In the codes were maths questions and question numbers. We had a sheet to fill in the answers. It was fun.

QR Codes 02

By Calvin and Ryan (Rang I)


Last week we made butterflies. We folded the paper in two. Then we opened the paper and put three colours of paint on the paper. We closed the paper and spread the paint with our hands. We opened up the page and a nice coloured butterfly appeared. We let them dry overnight. Next day we cut them out and we stuck on a body, eyes and antennae. Then we hung them up on a line in the classroom. They look great.

By Eimear and James G. (Rang I)

String Print 1

We did string printing for art yesterday. They were like foldover prints. We folded the page in half. We got string and put it into the paint. We used orange, yellow, blue, red, green and purple paint. Then we took the string out of the paint and put it on the piece of paper. Then we folded the paper over. We opened the paper and then we put on another two colours with the string. We let them dry overnight on the drying rack. Today they were dry so we put them on the wall in the classroom. Everyone enjoyed doing them.

String Print 2

By Mark and Finnian (Rang I)

Cuddly Toy Day 01

Last Friday we had a Cuddly Toy Day. ¬†One cuddly toy was really big and one was really small. There were lots of dogs and lots of cats. We did Circle Time with the cuddly toys. Each person had to tell their partner about their cuddly toy. Then we went back into the circle and told everybody about their partner’s cuddly toy. We took photographs of all the cuddly toys everybody brought in. Then we took photos of each person with their own cuddly toy.

Cuddly Toy Day 02

We did some more work and then we had Golden Time with our cuddly toys. For Golden Time we had PE with the cuddly toys. At the end the cuddly toys were in a pile. We had to find our own cuddly toy and run back to the line. When we went back to class, we wrote about our cuddly toys. We glued the photos that we took with our cuddly toy on our story. We enjoyed Circle Time.

By Ben, Luke, Marc, Jacob (Rang I)

The Emperor’s New Clothes is an old story. It was written by Hans Christian Andersen, a storyteller from Denmark. The story was good fun. The story was about an Emperor who liked clothes. Two mysterious people came into the village. They went into the Emperor’s castle and they told the Emperor that they could make the finest cloth in the village. The Emperor gave them lots of money to make the finest outfit for him. The two scam artists pretended to make the finest clothes. The Emperor sent his Prime Minister to check on the outfit, but he saw nothing. They said to the Prime Minister that if he could see nothing then he was stupid or unqualified. So the Prime Minister said that they were doing a great job. But he didn’t really see anything.

The two men told the Emperor that the outfit was as light as a spider’s web. They said it would feel like you were wearing nothing. Then they ran off into the woods with all the money. Then the Emperor went out to walk in the parade, but he was only wearing his underwear. The crowds started cheering. A little boy really wanted to see the Emperor’s new clothes. But, he didn’t see them because the Emperor was wearing no clothes. Then he was sad. The crowd then started booing. The Emperor felt stupid for believing them.

We watched the video of the story of the Emperor’s new clothes. It was good fun.

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