March 2011

Circle Time

On Tuesdays we have Circle Time in the halla. There is a special thing called the speaking object. If we have a problem we can share it during Circle Time. If we behave and work well all week, we get Golden Time on Fridays. There are five Circle Time skills. They are: Concentrating, Listening, Looking, Speaking and Thinking. There are also Six Golden Rules:

  • We are gentle
  • We are honest
  • We are kind and helpful
  • We work hard
  • We look after property
  • We listen to people

We do different concentrating games like Chinese Whispers, clapping games, Fruitbowl and a few more. Every class goes up to do Circle Time with their own teacher. If you have misbehaved or not worked well, you can lose some of your Golden Time. We enjoy doing Circle Time a lot.

By Joshua and Leah (Rang III)

On Tuesday our teacher gave us a picture by Paul Klee. It was called “Woman in a Native Costume”. We had until Friday to colour it in. Then we went on to the internet to look at the real painting. The real one had four colours – brown, orange, yellow and white. Most people, when they were colouring the picture, used lots of colours.

Paul Klee was born in Switzerland. As a child he was good at music and drawing. When he was older he decided to become a musician but when he got into his teenage years he decided to become an artist. He was interested in Picasso’s paintings so he decide to paint ones like his. “Woman in a Native Costume” was painted in 1940 using oil paints.

By Sam and Caoilfhionn (Rang II)

There we were doing  our Mental Maths on Tuesday morning when there was a knock on the door. A Postman was outside the door holding a large blue decorated box. The Postman came into the classroom and said, “Special Delivery!”. The whole class started screaming at the Postman because we knew he had our Trans-Atlantic Treat Box from @superkiddos, our American friends on Twitter. They live in Indiana, USA. They are in 2nd Grade.

We went on Twitter straight away to tell @superkiddos that we got their package. We went to the top of the classroom and huddled together with the box in front and Mr. Quinn took a photograph of us with the box. After Circle time in the hall we decided to open the box. The box was so heavy that some people couldn’t lift it. We were hopping on our seats with excitement. The atmosphere in the room was crazy. We saw so many nice things that we nearly fainted.

We tasted the Animal Crackers first and then we had the Cheez-Its. Animal Crackers were like ginger biscuits and Cheez-Its were like cheesy crackers. We then tried Twizzlers which are liquorice in strawberry, blue raspberry, lemonade, orange, grape and watermelon flavours.  They were chewy, soft and good as straws. We then tasted Chocolate Turtles. They were crunchy in the middle with chocolate on the outside. We then tried Flipz which are milk chocolate covered pretzels. They were delicious. Later Mr. Quinn gave us lots of things to bring home to taste like Atomic Fireballs, Almond Joys, Blow Pops, Peeps, Dum Dum Suckers, Sour Patch Kids, Jolly Ranchers, Strawberry Twizzlers, Nutter Butters, Kisses and Hersheys chocolate. Hershey’s chocolate is different to our Cadbury’s chocolate because they use more cocoa in their chocolate. But it was like chocolate heaven!

Some people tried Atomic Fireballs before they went home. They were really hot and spicy. There were screams and people were running to the sink looking for water. “My tongue is on fire” could be heard around the room. Everyone had red tongues and it looked like they were bleeding.

We would like to say a big thank you to @superkiddos and their teacher Mrs. Overman for sending us all the lovely treats, thoughtful letters and beautiful pictures.  We really enjoyed doing this project.








What is the Xperience Engineering Challenge?

Xperience Engineering is a program run by Engineers Ireland for primary schools. The project is divided into 2 categories, 3rd/4th Class and 5th/6th Class. The top 20 projects from each of the categories will be chosen to represent their school at the Xperience Engineering National Final in the Helix in Dublin in June.


This years theme is ‘Engineering a Cleaner World’. We chose to research wave energy, focusing on the prospect of harnessing it in Strandhill. We chose this because

  • It’s a relatively new source of renewable energy
  • It would be good for the west coast
  • It’s local.

Part of the project was getting 6 K’Nex kits in your school for 2 weeks. We had lots of fun with them!




The project runs for 4 months, from December to April. We have had learned lots so far and have put a lot of our project together.

By Oisín S, Emer H & Luke


What is an Oyster?


The action of the waves moves the device up and down. This action activates the pistons causing high pressured water to be pumped to the shore, through an under water pipeline. Onshore hydro-electric generators convert this high pressure water into electricity.

By Shauna, Seán M, Aoife, Carla, Sophie



What is a Pelamis?


This Pelamis is a huge “sea snake” in the water. It generates power in the hinged joints that connect its cylindrical tube sections. As the wave move the joints up and down, and side to side, hydraulical rams drive an electrical generator. The electricity is carried to shore via a sub sea cable. In a Pelamis the pistons move in and out which gives power to the motor, which powers the generator, which in turn sends power via the power cable to our network.


By Shauna, Seán M, Aoife, Carla, Sophie


We started a Reading Buddies programme in our class. We decided to call it Reading Pals because we liked that name better!

We have our Reading Pals Time at 11am every day. Mrs. Timoney comes in to help us.

In our Reading Pals sessions we read nice books, we share our books and we praise each other. We have fun reading with our partners and we think it’s very interesting!

Before we read our books we talk a lot about the title, cover, author and pictures! We try to predict what our book is about!

We read and then we make flashcards of any words that we didn’t know and we look them up in the dictionary. We make sentences out of the words and we have made up some fun games with our words.

We have special folders with a green pocket and a red pocket. When we work really well with our partners we get a sticker on our reward sheet!

Rang 1 & Rang 2

I like Reading Pals because I like reading and I have a good partner called Ellen. She is very nice.

By Claire.

We’ve started a project called Reading Pals. We all have partners. We love this project, it’s so cool and a lot of fun.

Katelyn & Aisling.


Our visit to Strandhill


On Monday the 21st of March our class went to Strandhill

as part of our Steps Xperience Engineering Project. While in Strandhill we took advantage of the big waves and took a few pictures.


To get a close up picture of the waves we had to do stepping stones across a foot deep pool of water. Unfortunately a few people fell into the water and had to spend the rest of the day with wet pants!

Before we left we went to Shelly Valley to run up and down a very steep sand dune. It was an enjoyable day for all !


By Seán C, Seán K, Brian, Charlotte, Claire L, Caoimhe

Miss Hynes asked the class to bring in things like toilet rolls, plastic bottles and straws to construct a model of a wave energy generator. The choices were a Pelamis or an Oyster. Most people made a Pelamis.



When everyone had finished making their Oyster or Pelamis, they left them to dry at the back of the room.

The next day we had fun painting them.

We are enjoying our project so far!





By Nease, Emer S, Oisin L, Connell


Micheál O’ Halloran is a mechanical engineer. He came into our classroom and spoke to us about the engineering that is involved in things like Avatar and Grey’s Anatomy.

He told us all about the different engineers that are involved in making a rollercoaster.

He explained to us how a Pelamis works. We learned that there is a motor and a generator inside it. He told us that the movement of the waves cause pistons move in and out, which in turn causes the motor to turn and the generator to work.


He told us that if you want to be an engineer you have to enjoy doing Maths.

By Hannah, Louise, Meadhbh, Sarah & Lucy


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