February 2011

Cake With Cherry

Yesterday we started learning in our geography about the food we eat. At the end of the chapter we discovered some food sayings, like “That’s not my cup of tea” and “Hunger is the best sauce”. We also looked in our Peannaireacht book because there was some food sayings in there as well. We asked our followers on Twitter (@mrquinnsclass) if they knew any other food sayings. Today people on Twitter came up with many more food sayings to help us out. People all over the world came up with lots of sayings. If you want to look at all the food sayings we gathered on Twitter go to #foodsayings We enjoyed doing this very much and we hope you enjoy it too.

By Rang II & Rang III

We started our CraftEd project with Kim Sharkey!

We visited Carrowmore and we looked at the tombs.  We decided to make coil clay pots using different types of clay.  The people who lived 6,000 years ago used clay pots for lots of things.

Kim showed us lots of different types of clay and some of her own pieces that she had made.  We thought they were lovely.  

We made five sausages out of our piece of clay.  It was important that we rolled them evenly and that we did not poke the clay.  If we poked the clay, air would have got into it and it might explode when we put it into the kiln!  We then put newspaper into bowls to help us with the shape of the coil pot.  We rolled each sausage into a spiral and we placed each one into the bowl.  Then we smoothed down the inside of our pots with the back of a spoon and our fingers.  We put our initials inside.  

Our coil pots are now drying in our art press!  After our mid-term we will put our pots into a kiln and glaze them.  Thank you to the parents who helped us.

 We had lots of fun making our coil pots, we can’t wait to see Kim again and make more exciting things with clay!

Rang I & Rang II

Hessain Picture 01

We made hessian pictures last week. Hessian is a very itchy type of material. We all started out with a square or rectangle of hessian. We pulled out some strings from the edge to make a fringe. Then we pulled out a few pieces of string from the square to make a pattern. Then our teacher gave us a sheet of paper to do a rubbing of the hessian pattern with any colour crayon. After that, he gave us a piece of coloured card so that we could stick our hessian pattern on it. We made another picture for homework with all of the strings that we pulled out. We thought it was great fun doing art with the hessian.

Hessian Picture 02

By Amy and Ellen (Rang III)


Yesterday we went to Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery. An archaeologist called Gretta showed us around. Our favourite part was when we went into a tomb. We did rubbings on the tombs.

Colm, Cliodhna & Ríon
The largest tomb we visited in Carrowmore is called Listoghil.  It is covered by a huge 4 metre cairn like the cairn that is on the top of Knocknarea.  People were cremated and buried in this tomb.

There are inscriptions on one of the stones, this is the only passage tomb art that is in Carrowmore.  Gretta told us that the people used flint stones to write on the stones. We did some rubbings of the inscriptions.

 It was raining, we didn’t mind the rain it was fun!   We found out all about what life was like for the people 6 thousand years ago.  The people ate a lot of fish, bears, cattle & berries.  The people used the leather skins of the cattle for clothes and beds. They made clay pots and bowls and these were preserved in the ground for thousands of years!  This gave us the idea to make clay coil pots as part of our project.

We would like to thank Gretta, Kim, Mrs. Timoney, Ms. Hynes and the parents who came with us on our trip to Carrowmore!

1st & 2nd Class


Willow Fedge 01

Yesterday we went out to our organic garden. A lady called Ciara from the Organic Centre in Rossinver  came to help us make a willow fedge around our organic garden. A fedge is a cross between a hedge and a fence. The type of willow tree we used is called basket willow. It is good for making a fedge because you can bend it a lot and make lots of things with it. She showed us how to make the fedge but it was a bit confusing. She weaved the willow branches together and crossed them in and out. The fedge will become a living fence because leaves will grow on it and it will get bigger. Ciara said that we will have to cut it back each year because it will grow really high in one year alone. She showed us how to make an arch to go into our organic garden. When it grows it will look nice.

By Rang II & Rang III

Willow Fedge 02

Safer Internet Day

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day. We talked about all the safe things about the internet. We talked about the things that could help us not get into trouble on the internet. We did a quick quiz on the internet to learn more about safety on the internet. We wrote sentences for homework about safe rules when we’re on the internet. Here are some of the rules to keep you safe on the internet:

  1. Don’t let children on shopping websites.
  2. Never give your personal details on the internet.
  3. Don’t click on pop-ups as they might have a virus.
  4. Don’t talk to strangers in chat rooms on the internet.
  5. Never arrange to meet someone you’ve met online.
  6. Never use the internet when your computer is not protected against viruses.
  7. If you see something bad on the internet, log off and tell an adult.
  8. Ask an adult before you go on the internet.
  9. Only go onto websites you know are safe.
  10. If someone on the internet says that they are a child, don’t always trust them.

By Rang II & Rang III

CESI Conference

3rd Class attended the National Conference of CESI (Computer Education Society of Ireland) which had as its theme this year “ICT in Education: Changing Landscapes”. Because of our pioneering work with iPods the pupils gave a workshop to a group of teachers on “Using the iPod in the Primary School“. They gave demonstrations on how they have used the iPods to create Lunes poetry, pieces of visual art as well as showing how to complete an online test using Google Docs. They also instructed the attending teachers how to use the many apps that we use in the classroom to compliment the curriculum. We also had a variety of samples of work that we have completed using iPods on display for teachers to look at.

It is not a usual occurence to have pupils attend this conference, but it was felt that teachers would get a better appreciation of the possibility of the iPod to enhace learning if they saw pupils using them. The reaction to our pupils was hugely positive, both in their ability to explain to adults how to use the iPod as well as their confident and mannerly nature. They were a huge credit to us and did us proud. There was a great reaction to their workshop on Twitter on Saturday night. Here is a selection of the Twitter comments they received:

  • At Damien Quinn’s iPod touch workshop. 3rd class pupils demonstrating use of iPod touch. Brilliant. Learning plenty.
  • Great day so far and a great demo from @seomraranga on ipod touch!
  • Great workshop. Well Done.
  • Great day and talk today!! You’ve a great class! Really jealous.
  • Great to meet you today. So impressed with your wonderful students @mrquinnsclass Thanks for sharing.
  • You have a lot of great teachers to be there in your class!! Lovely kids and great to show us the ipods.
  • A huge thank you to @mrquinnsclass who stole the show at #cesi2010 today. Great to meet your principal, deputy principal and teacher
  • It was a fab session. You should be HUGELY proud of your class!
  • Congrats, such a lovely class, a credit to you @ #CESI2011
  • I think there should be no homework Monday night after the super teaching you students did last Sat #cesi2011
  • You all did a FAB job.


Mr. Quinn’s class started swimming on the 16 th of Decemeber. We do it every Thursday. Mr. Quinn brings some of our work with him to corect while we are swimming. We do front crawl, breast stoke and back crawl. After the lesson we we get five minutes of play time in the pool. Then we get back into our clothes and get on the bus to go back to school. We enjoy swimming.

By Ellen and Sarah (Rang III)


This is Zippy!

Zippy and his friends are helping us to learn a lot about ourselves, how we feel, how we can communicate well and how to deal with different situations.

We are learning a lot about the different types of feelings we have, like happy, sad, angry, jealous and nervous.  We know that different situations can make us feel different.  It is up to us to choose a good solution to every situation.  Our rules for choosing a good solution are:

  1. 1.      It makes me feel better.
  2. 2.      It doesn’t hurt me or anyone else.

We have come up with some great solutions to different situations, here are some of them!

  • I ask for help.
  • I calm down
  • I do something I like, to forget about it.
  • I say I’m sorry
  • I talk about it
  • I think about something nice

Rang I & Rang II

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