December 2010

The school has been a blanket of snow for the last few days.


We made snowmen on the astroturf….. it was boys against girls!


As you can see we had great fun!


The boys won the challenge. They were very proud of themselves!!!


Santa came to our school in a helicopter.  The helicopter was very loud.

We were very excited 😉

Santa wore a red suit and he was very nice.

He told us to be in bed before 9 o’clock on Christmas Eve.

 Santa gave us sweets.  We took a picture with Santa, have a look!

By Josh, Rosha & Evan.






  Santa came into all of our classrooms and gave us all sweets!

We had a great surprise today when a very special visitor literally “dropped in” to visit the pupils of the school. Santa Claus himself took time out from his busy schedule to visit the pupils of the school. Unbelievably, he arrived by helicopter, explaining that one of the reindeer had a sore hoof and could not travel. The helicopter landed in the field beside the school unannounced, just at the end of the first break while the pupils were still on the yard. We quickly made our way up to the field to welcome Santa to our school. After his surprise arrival by helicopter, he came down to the school and visited all of the classrooms, delivering sweets for all of the pupils. He told everybody to make sure that they were in bed early on December 24th before his arrival to deliver presents! You can view the excitement of Santa’s arrival by helicopter by clicking on the link below: 

Santa by Helicopter

We each did a piece of jigsaw on the theme of  Christmas and put   it together.It fromed a heart beause love is at the heart of Christmas. Here it is.hope you like it.WE enjoyed making it… 4th Class.

Heart of Christmas