October 2009

Fourth Class Halloween Fancy Dress!!!


4th Class Halloween Fun!

Everyone came in to school today dressed up for Halloween.

Even the teachers dressed up!

We had an assembly this morning and saw everyone’s costumes.

The teacher’s couldn’t pick winners so everyone got a treat!

We had a fun day at school.

Enjoy the holidays.

4th class

This podcast is about a naughty boy named Curtis. Curtis liked nothing but custard. The cook, was tired of making custard so she decided to teach Curtis a lesson. Listen to our podcast to find out what the lesson was. This is our first podcast. Making the podcast was good fun. We hope you enjoy listening to it.


This is a play called Spooky Monster. We recorded our voices and made a podcassst.The podcast was about a monster. It was fun making this podcast. We hope you enjoy listening to it.


Tracksuits are available from the school office.

€12 tracksuit bottoms

€20 tracksuit tops

Can I remind parents to put the child’s name in the tracksuit tops. We are always left with a number of tops with no names in them at the end of the year.


We went on the bus into town to go to the library. We saw a puppet show at the library. They were very funny. The characters in the show were Lauren, Jack, the Mayor, the Princess, the Wizard, the Pirate, the Big Bad Wolf and Bookie Wookie. The show was about reading. Jack went to the library to get a book for his dad. There were no books in the library because the Mayor threw them all out. Jack climbed up the shelf to get a book and he fell because it was too high.


Then Bookie Wookie fell down from the shelf. Jack heard a smash sound. Jack looked to see what it was. Then Bookie Wookie and Jack became friends. Bookie Wookie said “I have lots of story friends for you to meet”. Jack said that he was too busy playing with his video games. Then Bookie Wookie said that he could try some books.



The Mayor owned a battery machine so that the children could replace the batteries in their video games. But the battery machine broke down. All the DS’s ran out of power and they couldn’t play any games. The battery machine could not be fixed for two weeks. The Mayor got very angry. Jack could not play his games and he tried to think of something to do. Jack went back into the library to see Bookie Wookie. Bookie Wookie showed Jack and Lauren all the characters in his stories. Jack started to read some of the stories. The Mayor wanted to rip up the books but he wasn’t able to. We helped the Wizard to make a spell to make the Mayor disappear forever. Everybody wanted to read books again.

The puppet show was fascinating. It was very funny. We really enjoyed it.

By Rang I and Rang II

Dear Parents,


I would be grateful if you would read the following notices carefully.


Library Visit

Our first and second class have been invited to attend a puppet show in Sligo County Library on Wednesday. We are delighted with this invitation and a bus has been booked to take these classes to and from the library for the show which will last approximately one hour. The children can bring in €2, to cover the cost of the bus.



Please ensure that your child’s name is marked clearly on their tracksuit. Each day, children are taking off their tops and leaving them around the yard etc; It is very difficult to know who they belong to if they are not labelled.


Procedure if a child is absent

In line with the Education Welfare Act, parents are required to write a short note to the class teacher to explain a child’s absence. This note can be sent in when the child returns to school after the illness. Unless a child is very ill and will be off school for a number of days, there is no need to phone us. Also, there is no requirement on parents to send a medical certificate to school, but if a child has missed a significant amount of time, it is advisable that parents would keep medical certificates themselves. I am obliged to report on absences of 20 days or more to the Education Welfare Officer regardless of reason for absence.


Mobile Phones

Reminder about our mobile phones collection. 500 used phones will entitle us to a new whiteboard. Many homes may have several old phones lying around. The green box for collecting the phones is in school porch.


Wizard William

 The West Midlands Theatre Group are coming on Friday to put on a production of Wizard William for us in our school hall. This group come to us every year and we always find that they put on an excellent production. The cost is €3 per child and €5 per family.


Birthday Invitations

Reminder to all families and particularly to new families in the school who may not be aware of our policy in relation to birthday invitations- We do not allow birthday invitations to be distributed in school. We encourage parents/children to distribute invitations in other ways, or outside the school gate. The rationale behind this rule is that on occasions a small number of children within a class may not be invited and can be left feeling very hurt and isolated. We thank parents for their understanding and co-operation in this matter.




Soccer tickets draw

We are delighted to let you know that we raised €440 in the raffle for the match tickets. We wish to sincerely thank the parent who donated these tickets. All of the monies raised from these fundraising initiatives will be saved to put to good use resourcing our school.


Hospice Coffee Morning

The coffee morning was a great success with many parents calling in for a cup of coffee. We are delighted to have raised €451 for the North West Hospice. This is more than last year, and I know that the Hospice will be very pleased with this generous amount form our school.


Our new school website

We have now set up a new blog based school website, which will replace our old school website. This blog will allow each class to input information as they wish, it will allow me to regularly update news and Mrs. Hampson to keep you informed of important notices. You can search by category, which will include your child’s class or by tags which will include subject areas/topics of interest. You can subscribe by RSS feed to the blog. We encourage parents to check our website on a regular basis, eventually it may cut down on the amount of paper notes that go home. The address of the school website is



Tidy Towns Project

Ms. Hynes class last year, (this year’s 6th class), entered a Tidy Town’s Competition. They produced a beautiful project on our school environment and links with the community. We got a lovely certificate to celebrate the fact that they were regional finalists in this competition. Well done to Ms. Hynes and this class!


Winter BBQ

Thanks to all the parents who have purchased BBQ tickets and raffle tickets. There are a limited number of BBQ tickets left, and we encourage parents to purchase their tickets asap. This night is always a very enjoyable night and a great way for parents to socialise and get to know each other. If there are raffle tickets at home, please send them back regardless of whether you are purchasing or not!


Sincere thanks to parents for all of the ongoing support,



Siobhan Clarke

The winter bbq is happening on Saturday, 17th October in the Dunes Tavern in Strandhill. It promises to be a great night out with a 14oz striploin steak, salad bar and a glass of wine for €15. The music is provided by Michael Leonard (You’re a star) and John Kerr(Folk). There will be a raffle with great prizes.We hope to see you all there!

We used the website Wordle.net to write words that we are learning to spell and words that we were doing in phonics work.

Wordle: pr words

Wordle: Th words

Wordle: kn words

3rd & 4th Class will be going to a hurling blitz in Kevinsfort Park this Friday.

There will be five other schools participating.

We wish then the best of luck!!!!!!

We were practising our tables in class with Ironhead Mathsflash. This programme can be downloaded free HERE>>>>>

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