Ms. Greene

The Green School Committee organised a ‘WOW Day’ in our school on Wednesday.  We tried to walk all or part of the way to school,  147 of us walked to school!  We enjoyed the exercise and also helped our environment by not using cars.  When we arrived at school our Green School Committee had a drink and a sticker for us! We are going to try to keep it up 😉


We made our First Penance yesterday.  We feel very special today!  We enjoyed receiving the Sacrament of Penance.  We are really looking forward to our retreat to Knock on Tuesday and our First Holy Communion.

Rang II

I made a Titanic model from a spare wooden beam that my Dad had.  We put copper funnels on the top. Mum and Dad helped me, it was great fun!

L.G, 2nd Class


A bird built her nest in my tree house!  She laid four eggs and they hatched!  The chicks are getting bigger now and I can see them change every week!

Josh, 2nd Class

1st Prize

I came first in the INTO handwriting competition!  My name was called out and I had my photograph taken.  Then my school was entered into a competition and I won a €100 euro book token for our school!  We got a bag of sweets at the end, it was so much fun!

By Cliodhna, 2nd Class



We went to the Google offices in Dublin for a prize-giving ceremony for the Doodle4Google competition!

When we arrived we were given name tags and refreshments, I got a t-shirt with my doodle printed on it!

Google had lots of laptops ready for us to use, our doodles were playing on flat screen televisions.  The finalists then went to workshops and the adults watched a movie.  Our group made cool birds out of coloured clay and feathers, it was fun!  I met lots of new friends.

Then we had the prize-giving ceremony, I didn’t win my category but Mr. Herlihy gave me my doodle framed.  A big Thank You to everyone who voted for me!  Patrick Horan won the top prize.  He created the doodle from cogs and clocks, it is brilliant, well done Patrick!

Afterwards we had a huge party, we had chips, pizza, chicken nuggets, candy floss, lollipops, cupcakes and brownies!  On our way home I got a great Google bag with lots of goodies inside!  We had a great day at Google!

Amber, 2nd Class

I have reached the final of the doodle 4 google competition! There are 15 finalists in each category.

The winning student will have their doodle on the Google Ireland homepage for 24 hours.  They will also receive
a €10,000 technology grant for their school and a laptop for the pupil and teacher.

The winner of each category wins a laptop for themselves and their teacher.  This is open to Public Vote,
please vote for me – it’s easy!  Just follow the link below.

I am going to the Google Offices in Dublin on the 12th of March for the prize giving ceremony.

Thanks in advance,


2nd ClassFun land

I wish I could fly like a butterfly and help animals and make people smile.


Our class entered the Doodle for Google competition!  We had to create our own doodle with the theme I wish…!

Last week our teacher received three envelopes in the post from Google!  We were so excited!  Inside were letters and certificates for three children in our class.

Amber, Rosha and Cliodhna have reached the semi-final of the competition!  After the 23rd  of January their names will be up on the website.  Congratulations girls!

2nd & 3rd Class

We were thrilled with the news, we got a certificate and a letter!  I drew and underwater scene with loads of fish, Cliodhna drew a doodle based on musical instruments and cooking utensils as she loves music and cooking! Amber drew a doodle based on a girl on holidays.

By Rosha, Cliodhna & Amber.

We created a Christmas collage based on the Poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  We used fabric for the rug, stockings, Santa Claus and Santa’s toy sack.  We created the rest of our collage with card.  It was great fun, we hope Santa likes them!

2nd & 3rd Class


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